Table of contents


  • Regeneration - transitioning from an extractive economy, society and way of being towards one that restores nature and contributes to life on earth.

Personal Development & Coaching

  • Empathy Café - practice empathic listening and speak your heart at the bi-weekly online Empathy Café!
  • Coaching - I am a professional and certified coach.
  • Meditation - I practice meditation for over 20 years.
  • Nonviolent Communication - many years of training and teaching.
  • Personal Growth - at least a decade, if not more, of interest in personal growth.
  • Developmental Psychology - how adults continue to develop their way of orienting in and thinking about the world.
  • Noord Woord - kies één woord om richting te geven aan je leven.

Organization Development & Change Management

Other interest

  • Zettelkasten - this website is a wiki, or actually, a Zettelkasten.