My name is Mark Marijnissen

This is my zettelkasten: a wiki full of ideas, articles, topics, bookmarks, knowledge and inspiration.

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  • Regeneration - transitioning from an extractive economy, society and way of being towards one that restores nature and contributes to life on earth.

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  • Zettelkasten - this website is a wiki, or actually, a Zettelkasten.

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Mark Marijnissen

Which Mark Marijnissen would you like to meet?

  • The Poet (2023)
  • The Regenerator (2022-now), see regeneration.
  • The Organization Coach (2017-now)
  • The Transformation Lead (2021-now)
  • The Agile Expert (2010-now)
  • The Obeya Expert (2021-now)
  • The Host (2021)
  • The Coach (2013-now)
  • The Trainer (2012-now)
  • The Meditator (2002-now)
  • The Inventor (1990-now)
  • The Artist (1990-now)
  • The Husband & Father (2016-now)
  • The Software Developer (2010-2020, retired)
  • The Life Coach (2013-2018, retired)

Of course, all of the above are prone to narrative fallacies.

“Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes” (Walt Whitman, Song of Myself).