Welcome, friend,

As we spend so much of our lives at work, I am passionate to make work meaningful, fun and effective.

I do this as an Agile coach, change agent, employee advocate, strategic partner, Nonviolent Communication trainer and meditation teacher.

I coach for inner growth to improve employee satisfaction and performance. In teams, I create flow and collaboration by improving processes, project management and product delivery. I coach, teach and apply Agile, Lean, Teal, strategic, systemic and visual thinking.

I have over 8 years of experience in technology in roles such as Scrum Master, Lean Evangelist, Software Developer, Product Owner, Business Strategist. As freelancer, I’ve seen and worked for many companies, allowing me to learn from their culture and processes.

In the meanwhile, I have been coaching and facilitating workshops for inner growth for over 5 years. I am trained in a style that involve meditation and communication, and I helped people increase self-awareness, mindfulness, self-compassion, emotional intelligence, compassionate communication and personal leadership.