Welcome, friend,

As a professional coach, I help individuals, teams and organisations to reflect and improve.

I believe effective coaching requires four essential elements:

  1. Results: How we move towards a meaningful purpose.
  2. Processes & Tools: How we structure our work with Agile, Scrum, Lean and Teal.
  3. Individuals & Interactions: How we show up and collaborate with others.
  4. Presence: The inner place we operate from - our awareness, habits, thoughts and feelings - is at the source of our behavior and the results we get.

In true Agile fashion, I value individuals and interactions over processes and tools. With mindful awareness, I relate what is happening here and now to what you want to learn. With compassion, I help you discover the next step towards a meaningful result.

As a trainer, I use Agile, Scrum, Lean, Teal Organizations, Meditation and Nonviolent Communication. I teach about business strategy, product development, self-organization, collaboration, emotional intelligence, (self)compassion and happiness.

Since 2010 I worked various roles in the software development industry, and since 2013 I am offering workshops for personal growth, which transformed the lives and relationships of my participants with mindful awareness and compassionate communication.