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I coach leaders, teams and organizations on culture, communication, processes and performance that drive results with more meaning, fun and effectiveness. I blend Agile coaching with deep transformative work, drawing on conversational and mindfulness practices. Read more.

Can I help your organization?

Agile Coaching
Coach teams and organizations for process optimization and continuous improvement using Agile and Lean principles. I help create high-performing, self-organizing teams that work with more more meaning, effectiveness and fun.

Team Coaching
Improve team effectiveness and work satisfaction by improving culture, communication and processes.

Individual Coaching
Increase employee performance and work satisfaction through personal development. I help employees develop capacity in leadership, emotional intelligence, relationship skills, conflict resolution, empathy, honesty and presence.

Retrospective: Solve complex problems
Some problems are hard. They involve multiple stakeholders, each with their own perspective. In spite of multiple attempts to solve it, they keep coming back. We can’t solve these kind of problems with our ordinary problem-solving skills. We have to go deeper to find the root cause.

During this Retrospective, I will facilitate a transformative journey to help you get unstuck with creative and original solutions. Based on Theory U, I will apply mindfulness to discover and let go of our habitual ways of problems solving, and I will integrate thinking, sensing and intuition to design radical new solutions.

Incompany Events
I facilitate workshops, training, meditation and intervision. Topics include:

  • Empathic listening skills
  • Speaking with honesty
  • Conflict resolution and resolving tensions
  • Building relationships
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Personal leadership, including saying no, asking for what you want, setting boundaries.

Can I help you, personally?

Circling Nijmegen : Circling events in Nijmegen.
Learn Circling: Coaching for your Circling skills.

Cultivate awareness
Meditation: Cultivate concentration, clarity and equanimity.
Compassion: Transform judgements to kindness.
Embodiment: Out of your head, in your body.
Doing nothing: How to let life unfold itself.

Navigating feelings
Feel more: Melt your numbness into aliveness.
Emotional support: Navigate through difficult times.
Emotional intelligence: Trust your feelings.
Get unstuck: Discover the patterns you’re in.

Navigating relationships
Relationship skills: Connect with honesty and empathy.
Resolve tensions: Reconnect when you feel distance.
Deal with triggers: Work with challenging situations.

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E-mail me at info@markmarijnissen.com or schedule a call.

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