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I’m a coach and facilitator. I facilitate inner work for personal and organization development, drawing on awareness and relational practices.

Can I help your organization?

The inner work for growth
Leadership Development: Inner work for leadership skills.
Empathy training: Listen to build relationships.
Surrendered Leadership: Lead from presence, instead of fixed structure.
Presencing practice: Lead from the emerging future (Theory U).

Facilitating transformative change
Mindfulness at Work: Wake up, see more, achieve more.
Reflection workshop: Deal with complex, ambiguous and recurring problems.
Transformative Change: Reinvent your organization.

Building culture and relations
Culture Development: Create a great place to work together.
Happiness at Work: Increase work satisfaction.
Meeting Facilitation: Have conversations that matter.
Team Building: Resolve tensions, increase teamwork.

Developing organizations
Agile Organization: Respond gracefully to complexity and change.
Learning Organization: Embed personal and organizational growth in daily work.
Teal Organization: Move towards self-management, wholeness and purpose.

Can I help you, personally?

Circling Nijmegen : Circling events in Nijmegen.
Learn Circling: Coaching for your Circling skills.

Cultivate awareness
Meditation: Cultivate concentration, clarity and equanimity.
Compassion: Transform judgements to kindness.
Embodiment: Out of your head, in your body.
Doing nothing: How to let life unfold itself.

Navigating feelings
Feel more: Melt your numbness into aliveness.
Emotional support: Navigate through difficult times.
Emotional intelligence: Trust your feelings.
Get unstuck: Discover the patterns you’re in.

Navigating relationships
Relationship skills: Connect with honesty and empathy.
Resolve tensions: Reconnect when you feel distance.
Deal with triggers: Work with challenging situations.

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- Mark