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About this wiki

Actually, this is a zettelkasten – a self-organizing knowledge graph build using the following principles:

  1. Atomicity: One idea per note.
  2. Autonomy: Self-contained - you can read notes on their own.
  3. Always tag and link
  4. Spend time connecting notes and building navigation, for example by writing TOC’s (table of contents).
  5. Use your own words.
  6. Keep references.
  7. Don’t worry about structure (develops organically).
  8. Keep files up to date (use git to version them).
  9. Add notes without fear: you can’t have too much notes.

Inspired by source

Structure develops organically as the knowledge graph grows. Over time, patterns will start to emerge - which can be added as new ideas on their own! I have learned that this takes time and effort, though nederlands

More information

Read how Luhmann, inventor of the Zettelkasten method of my Zettelkasten.