Zettelkasten Formatting Rules

These are the practical rules for writing notes. I try to keep it as lightweight and simple as possible. You can also read the rules of the underlying philosophy.


For evergreen notes, navigation and table of content I use title.md . Evergreen content is content that is never outdated, but continuously updated. These are often bits of knowledge, such as book summaries or my understanding of a certain topic. They are also used as navigation.


For time-sensitive notes such as articles, newsletters, events, journalling, meetings and todo’s, I prefix the name with a date like this yymmdd title.md.

KISS - Keep it simple, stupid

  • Folders: No folders
  • Tags: No hashtags, I use topics (see above) with backlinks.
  • Title: Use filename (without date), otherwise the first # Heading.


I publish a part of my zettelkasten as this website using the following metadata:

host: markmarijnissen.com
description: Description as first paragraph and search results (both SEO as well as site search)