Browsing the knowledge graph

You can browse this website - a knowledge graph - by following links, backlinks, tags. There is even a 2D and 3D visual graph available!

You can browse the graph by topic, date or by following connections:

< : incoming connection
> : outgoing connection
= : bidirectional connection

There is also a 2D and 3D visualization of the knowledge graph.

About this wiki

Actually, this is a zettelkasten – a self-organizing knowledge graph build using the following principles:

  1. Capture all your ideas (as simple markdown files)
  2. Use your own words (but keep references)
  3. Atomicity – Every file should contain only one idea.
  4. Autonomy – Idea are self-contained: they can be read on its own.
  5. Never delete – Don’t delete or rewrite: create a new idea instead.
  6. Connect ideas – With links, tags or new ideas.

Structure develops organically as the knowledge graph grows. Over time, patterns will start to emerge - which can be added as new ideas on their own!

More information

Read how Luhmann, inventor of the Zettelkasten method, wrote over 70 books and 400 scholarly methods using this method. Or read the technical implementation of my Zettelkasten.