Teal Organizations

Frederic Laloux describes a management paradigm based on the “Teal” level of adult development as defined in integral theory. As humans develop, so do the organizations we create. These organizations bring three breakthroughs:

  • Self-management: Tap into a collective intelligence with self-organizing teams that have natural hierachies and distributed authority. Rather than top-down control from managers, employees are empowered to make decisions and contribute to the company.
  • Wholeness: We shouldn’t be miserable at work, presenting only a small and censored version of ourselves. Teal Organizations invite employees to drop their professional mask and be themselves at work.
  • Evolutionary purpose: In an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, trying to predict the future does no longer suffice. Teal Organizations are constantly adapting and evolving and have a life on their own. Instead of command and control, teal organizations sense and respond. to go.

At YouBeDo, we’ve transitioned to a Teal Organization, and this has been tremendously insightful and rewarding.