Regeneration resources



Introductions to our predicament (collapse-aware)

Dealing with our predicament

  • Active Hope (book): The work that reconnects by Joanna Macy


Book recommendations by Michael Dowd (source)

  • The Way - an ecological worldview, Edward Goldsmith
  • How Everything Can Collapse
  • Green History of Religion
  • The Myth of Progress - Tom Wessels
  • The New Green History of the World - Clilve Pointing
  • GeoDestinites - Walter Youngquist
  • A Forest Journey John Perlin
  • Technofix
  • Afterburn
  • Collapse now and avoid the rush
  • After progress JMG
  • Apologies to the grandchildren
  • Immoderate Greatness - why civilizations fails
  • Plato‚Äôs rerenve
  • The long descent
  • The wealth of nature
  • Dark Age America
  • Not the future we ordered
  • The Retro Future