The 5 Critical Success Factors for Coaching

Watch this video to learn about coaching. I introduce Richard D. Bartlett to the five critical success factors of coaching and we talk coaching as a job, skill, art and personal journey.

Richard D. Bartlett asked for a download on coaching, so I taught him what I learned at Coach Boulevard: The 5 critical success factors of coaching.

I talk about coaching as a job, as a skill and as an art. I give some practical maps to help orient in the coaching profession: A definition, the phases in coaching, the 5 critical success factors, the GROW model and the walking scale question.

We also discuss the deeper art of coaching, which involves knowing yourself and working through your own stuff in order to be present, avoid projection and refrain from the itch to fix things for others.


  • 5 critical success factors: Marijke Lingsma & Ger van Doorn (Coach Boulevard)
  • Scale questions: Coert Visser (Progression-Focused Approach)
  • GROW model: John Whitmore.
  • Download slides