Social systems agile comparison

Topic Social system perspective Process perspective
Mode of operation Be Agile Do Agile
Emphasis Humans & Relationships Processes & Results
Primary activity Develop people Implement process
Primary result metric Employee satisfaction and performance Frequent delivery
Ground overview of employee skills and capacities overview of the process
Primary reason for effective change The quality of awareness, attention of consciousness The wisdom accumulated in verified and proven methods.
Problem-solving Teach problem-solving skills to people Offer solutions from a proven method
Reflection Teach reflection skills to people Teach various formats for Retrospectives
Language Lead change based on awareness Lead change based on a method
Implementation Observe, then implement Implement, then observe
Problem diagnosis Go and see for yourself Compare current situation with prescribed solution
Cause of failure Insufficient capacity/skill to diagnose root cause and solve problem Did not fully implement the process fully (Scrum But)
Control (1) Control through facilitating self-organization Control through inspecting metrics
Control (2) Facilitate decentralized self-organizing systems Centralized overview to inspect metrics and adapt
Results Transformative, Cultural, Qualitative, Multi-facated Quantitative metrics, focused, delivery.
Frameworks Theory U, Crystal, Heart of Agile Scrum, SAFe, XP, DevOps