Theory U

Our inner place - the quality of our attention, awareness or consciousness, determines the result we get. Theory U describes a process for transformative growth that works with awareness. It defines four levels of listening and being, defines leadership capacities and steps in transformative growth. It is applied to individuals, teams, organizations and the society at large.


Articles I have written about Theory U:


  • Theory U

  • 2018

  • Gemba voor gevorderden nederlands

    #lean #workshop

    In deze workshop leer je de vier niveau's van luisteren en oefen je met jouw aandacht, generatief luisteren en "niet weten" om creatieve oplossingen voor hardnekkige problemen te ontdekken.

  • 2017

  • Sleepwaking the U

    Even though Theory U talks about presence and awareness, it is actually much harder to fully live and embody it - but I know a method that might help.