A collection of Circling articles


  • Take responsibility or hold responsible - you can't do both

    Taking responsibility prevented me from holding others responsible. I learned this the hard way when I blamed myself for bad and harmful facilitation of Circling events, when I should demand better facilitation instead.

  • 2017

  • What is Surrendered Leadership?

    A reflection on flow, co-creation, effortless action, power, will and individuality.

  • 8 tips to do nondoing


    8 tips I discovered to facilitate personal developent groups with a sence of grace, effortless action and flow.

  • Cultivating effortless action


    Wuwei, or the art of non-doing and effortless action, requires a careful balance between sensing and acting. When out of balance, you end up in avoidance or paralysis.

  • Compassie is magisch nederlands

    #nvc #presence

    Compassie stopt de eindeloze cirkels waarin je gedachtes en oordelen doordraaien, en brengt op haast magische wijze meer warmte, zachtheid en ontlading in je leven.

  • 2016

  • Introductiedag Leven in Compassie nederlands


    Leer in deze workshop de vijf kunsten van compassie, aanwezgheid, authenticiteit, empathie en overgave, door Leven in Compassie.