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Curriculum Vitae

Mark Marijnissen

As coach and trainer, I help people, teams and organizations make meaningful progress. I combine 10+ years in Agile and software with 7+ years of coaching in personal growth. My strengths are empathy, non-judgemental attitude, sharp observation and creating clarity in complexity. I believe in supporting autonomy, competence and connection of people with servant leadership and structured selforganization.


Work Experience

Agile Coach & Learning Officer @ Orikami (2017-now)
As lead of the Learning Organization I am responsible for continuous improvement and learning of employees, teams and organization. As Agile Coach, I help teams adopt an Agile-Lean mindset and Scrum. As Software Architect, I mentor software developers.

  • Created programs for Personal Development & Team Development.
  • Professional coaching of employees, including leaders.
  • Introduced organization-wide continuous improvement, which resulted in many improvements.
  • Scaled scrum over product and team boundaries.
  • Shaped and contributed various change initiatives.
  • Organized and facilitate company-wide events such as hackathons, strategic sessions, teambuilding, knowledge sharing and learning with Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology and Liberating Structures.

Life Coach @ Leven in Compassie (2013-now)
I organized workshops that transformed the lives and relationships of my participants with skill in mindful awareness and nonviolent communication.

  • I organized more than 50 workshops and reached more than 150 persons.
  • Incompany and consumer workshops, courses, coaching and relationship sessions.
  • Created a Nonviolent Communication practice community with regular workshop evenings.

Tech & Happiness Guru @ YouBeDo (2015-2016)
I worked as Software Developer, Scrum Master, Producer Owner, Lean Startup consultant and Life Coach/Trainer.

  • Introduced Scrum to get a grip on software development.
  • Introduced Lean Startup to launch a new spin-off product.
  • Contributed to transitioning to a Teal organization.
  • Held Nonviolent Communication workshops.
  • Taught and guided meditation sessions.
  • Implemented Collaborative Filtering algorithm (AI) for book recommendations.

Superhero @ Dreamyourworld (2013)
I was part of a multidisciplinary think tank, helping organizations innovate through evening brainstorm sessions (“Think Up session”) and short sprints (“Do It Lab”) in which we tested a business hypothesis or build a proof of concept.

Software Developer @ Made by Mark (2010-2015)
I worked as independent Software Developer to deliver state-of-the-art smartphone applications and full-stack webapplications.

  • Consult startups on busines strategy (Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas).
  • Use and introduce Agile and Scrum to my clients.
  • Open Source contributions and created several successful libraries.
  • Working alone, I deliverd full service solution from business strategy, requirements, implementation, testing, deployment and customer service.
  • Worked in teams in various organizations.
  • Worked for startups, SMBs and multinationals in various industries (art, goverment, research, finance, marketing, e-commerce).


Professional Coach (2019-ongoing)
Boost the learning capacity of employees and teams.
Post-HBO and St!r accredited education with 12+ days of live training at Coach Boulevard.

Theory U - U.Lab 1x (2017)
Facilitate awareness-based transformative change processes.
8 evenings of live training (#Ulab024, led by Jonas Heffels)

Circling (2015-2018)
An intersubjective meditation practice.
3 years and 30+ days of live training with Circling Europe.


Nonviolent Communication (2013-2016)
Transform self and relationships with (self)compassionate communication.
3 years and 30+ days of live training with Yoram Mosenzon (Connecting2life).

  • Mediation Course (2015)
  • Continuation Year course (2014-2015, 2015-2016)
  • Year course Teaching and embodying NVC (2013-2014)
  • Intermediate Course (2013)
  • Intimate Relationships Workshop (2013)

University (2006-2011)
5 years of university education at Radboud University, Nijmegen.

Meditation / Mindfulness (2002-now)
15+ years of experience in various traditions, including several silent meditation retreats.

High School (2000-2006)
VWO (Cum Laude), Natuur en Gezondheid, Augustinianum, Eindhoven.

My personal life

I live together with my wife Aukje and two kids in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. I enjoy performing improv theatre, board games, indie computer games, hydroponic gardering, Magic The Gathering, yoga, meditating, Adventure Time and Rick and Morty.