AboutCV Mark Marijnissen

Mark Marijnissen

As we spend most of our lives at work, I am passionate to make work meaningful, fun and effective.

I help individuals, teams and organizations to reflect and improve processes, employee satisfaction and employee performance. I do this as Agile Coach, change agent, employee advocate, strategic partner and personal growth coach.

I have over 10 years of experience in technology and over 7 years of experience in personal growth based on meditation and communication.

Agile, Scrum, Lean, Teal Organizations, Theory U, Systems thinking, Visual thinking, Nonviolent Communication, Meditation, Development Psychology and more.

Work experience

Agile Coach @ Mark Marijnissen Company (2017-now)
I work as Agile Coach, change agent, employee advocate and strategic partner.

  • I teach, coach and apply Agile, Lean, Teal, systemic, strategic and visual thinking.
  • I improve employee satisfaction and performance through coaching in leadership, problem solving, continuous improvement, emotional intelligence, communication, empathic listening, authenticity and meditation.
  • I help teams use Agile and Lean to improve collaboration, processes, project management and product delivery.
  • I improve communication and strategic alignment to empower self-organizing teams.
  • I facilitate awareness-based transformative change with Theory U in Reflection Workshops.

Life Coach @ Leven in Compassie (2013-now)
I coach individuals and facilitate workshops to increase self-awareness, mindfulness, self-compassion, emotional intelligence, compassionate communication and personal leadership. I have organized more than 50 workshops and reached more than 150 persons.

Tech & Happiness Guru @ YouBeDo (2015-2016)
I have introduced Agile/Scrum and Lean Startup experiments to the organization. I’ve contributed to transitioning to a Teal Organization. I held roles as Scrum Master, Product Owner and Software Developer.

Software Developer @ Made by Mark (2010-2015)
I worked as independent Software Developer, which included working as Software Architect, DevOps, Scrum Master, Lean Evangelist, Product Owner and Business Strategist.

Working alone, I have delivered full solutions, from business strategy & concept to implementation, deployment and support (e.g. apps such as Tinmendo, Nijmeegse Kunstnacht and Good Music).

Working together, I have worked in a wide variety of organizations, such as start-ups (e.g. Showrush), social enterprises (e.g. YouBeDo) and small-medium businesses (e.g. Blue Mango). My clients include musicians (Tin Men & The Telephone), government institutions (e.g. COAP) and multinationals (e.g. ABN AMRO, NS).


Theory U (2017)
Facilitate awareness-based transformative change processes.

  • u.lab 1x course with participation in a local hub (#Ulab024, led by Jonas Heffels)

Nonviolent Communication (2013-now)
Build emotional intelligence and relationship skills for self-compassion and connection.
3 years and 30+ days of live training with Yoram Mosenzon (Connecting2life).

  • Currently participating in a practice community of trainers (2014-now)
  • Mediation Course (2015)
  • Continuation Year course (2014-2015, 2015-2016)
  • Year course Teaching and embodying NVC (2013-2014)
  • Intermediate Course (2013)
  • Intimate Relationships Workshop (2013)

Circling (2015-2018)
An intersubjective meditation practice.
3 years and 30+ days of live training with Circling Europe.

University (2006-2011)
5 years of university education at Radboud University, Nijmegen.

Meditation / Mindfulness (2002-now)
15+ years of experience in various traditions, including several silent meditation retreats.

High School (2000-2006)
VWO (Cum Laude), Natuur en Gezondheid, Augustinianum, Eindhoven.

My personal life

I live together with my wife Aukje and son Jonas in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. I enjoy performing improv theatre, board games, indie computer games, Magic The Gathering, yoga, meditating, circling, Adventure Time and Rick and Morty.