Getting started with Meditation (e-book)

Download the free e-book and learn the basics of meditation in a no-nonsense way, with tips and tricks for common pitfalls.

You are problably curious about meditation and want to give it a try. Perhaps you heard about the benefits, or tried it in a yoga class. Or perhaps you already meditate and are just looking for some tips or instructions.

In any case, this guide is for you! It contains everything you need to get started: basic instructions, necessary background knowledge (to ensure proper understanding), answers to common questions (which people have after a first few sessions) and tips (to avoid common mistakes).


Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Instructions
  • Benefits of meditation
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • I have trouble connecting with my breath; I can’t feel my breath.
    • I can’t stop controlling my breath.
    • Watching my breath is boring, I don’t notice any subtle sensations.
    • How do I handle boredom, tension, or any other reaction I have to meditating?
    • Where do I focus on between two breaths?
    • Meditation does not work, it only gives me more thoughts.
    • I can’t meditate, I have too many thoughts.
    • Meditation does not work, it only makes me more restless.
    • The difficult emotions that arise during meditation are too intense.
    • I feel my breath, but I am aware of my thoughts at the same time.
    • Meditation is so relaxed. / I have no thoughts at all.
    • I have no thoughts at all. (But it’s not so relaxed)
    • I got a headache.
    • I fall asleep when I meditate.
    • I got so distracted, I forgot to notice distractions.
    • I saw a purple flash in the shape of a diamond. What does it mean?
    • Suddenly: my thoughts stopped / I became very lucid / I observed everything very clearly / I experienced the breath for real / I felt so peaceful and calm.
    • Suddenly: my sense of self disappeared and only breath remained.
    • My experience or question is not listed here.
  • More meditations
    • Listen to sounds
    • The Body-Scan
    • Eat slowly
    • Walk
    • Mini 3-minute meditations
    • Notice gone
    • Meditate in daily life
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  • Further resources on meditation