Work Experience

I have over 7+ years of experience in the following skills:

  • Software development: Freelance app- and webdevelopment, including UX, implementation, testing, requirements engineering, release management, SysAdmin, DevOps.
  • Project Management: Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Lean Facilitator and managing the full service solutions I offered as a freelance app developer.
  • Business strategy: Implementing a Lean philosophy from idea to practice, advising startups on Lean business strategy when developing an app.
  • Mediation: Trained in Nonviolent Communication for conflict resolution.
  • Coaching for personal growth: Individual coaching sessions for personal growth in a business context.
  • Workshops for personal growth and communication. Training people in skills for authenticity, communication, emotional intelligence, empathic listening, conflict resolution in order to improve (self)compassion, assertiveness, leadership, communication and connection. Previously based on Nonviolent Communication. Now based on Circling.
  • Meditation. Practicing and guiding meditation in various styles.
  • Circling. An interpersonal meditation practice that fosters connection, intimacy and personal growth and invites being with each other in presence, honesty and compassion.


Work experience

Mark Marijnissen Company (2017 – present)
Creating Deliberately Developmental Organizations, Mediation, Agile Coaching, Lean Coaching.

YouBeDo (2016)
Web Development, Agile Coaching, Scrum Master, Lean Facilitator, Organization Development

Leven in Compassie (2013 – present)
Individual coaching and courses for Personal Growth in compassion, presence, authentic relating, empathic listening, leadership, emotional resilience, emotional intelligence. Based on Meditation, Nonviolent Communication and Circling.

Made by Mark (2010 – 2015)
Freelance Web/App Development, including project management (Agile/Scrum, Kanban, Lean), UX design, implementation, testing, requirements engineering, roadmap planning, release management, DevOps, SysAdmin.

Formal education

  • Bachelor Artificial Intelligence, Radboud University (2011)
  • Propedeuse (first year) Medicine, Radboud University (2007)

Extracurricular education

Circling (1+ years)

  • Certified Level 1 Circling Faciliator. S.A.S. training Amsterdam, Circling Europe (John Thompson & Sean Wilkinson), 2016-2017.

Nonviolent Communication (4+ years)

  • Mediation Course, Connecting2life (Yoram Mosenzon), 2015
  • Continuation Year course, Connecting2life (Yoram Mosenzon), 2014-2015
  • Year course Teaching and embodying NVC, Connecting2life (Yoram Mosenzon), 2013-2014
  • Intermediate Course, Connecting2life (Yoram Mosenzon), 2013
  • Intimate Relationships Workshop, Connecting2life (Yoram Mosenzon), 2013

Meditation (13+ years)

13+ years of experience in various traditions, including several silent retreats and courses.

Vipassana, Mindfulness-based Stress Reducation (MBSR), Shinzen Young (Unified Mindfulness), Concentration-meditation (Jhana), Culadasa (the Mind Illuminated), Thich Nhat Hanh (Wake Up), Pema Chödron, Loving-Kindness, Tonglen, and a little bit of Zen and Tibetan Buddhism.