Curriculum Vitae


  • Workshops in compassionate communication, authentic relating, meditation and we-spaces. Based in integral theory, Meditation, Nonviolent Communication, Authentic Relating, Circling.
  • Organization Development: Based on Deliberately Developmental Organizations as described by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey.
  • Mediation: Trained in Nonviolent Communication for conflict resolution.
  • Meditation: More than a decade experience in various styles of meditation.
  • Circling: An interpersonal meditation practice.
  • Personal growth coaching: Individual coaching for personal growth.
  • Agile Software Development: Implementing the Agile method and being a Scrum Master.
  • Lean Startup: Implementing Lean experiments for business strategy.
  • Project Management: Managing Software Development projects.
  • Software Architecture: Designing frontend and backend software architecture.
  • Software Development: Implementing smartphone apps and web-applications.


Work experience

Mark Marijnissen Company (2017 – present)
Creating Deliberately Developmental Organizations.

YouBeDo (2016)
Web Development, Agile Coaching, Scrum Master, Lean Facilitator, Organization Development

Leven in Compassie (2013 – present)
Coaching, workshops and courses for personal growth in compassion, presence, authentic relating, empathic listening, leadership, emotional resilience, emotional intelligence. Based on Meditation, Nonviolent Communication and Circling.

Made by Mark (2010 – 2015)
Freelance Web/App Development, including project management (Agile/Scrum, Kanban, Lean), UX design, implementation, testing, requirements engineering, roadmap planning, release management, DevOps, SysAdmin.

Formal education

  • Bachelor Artificial Intelligence, Radboud University (2011)
  • Propedeuse (first year) Medicine, Radboud University (2007)

Extracurricular education

Circling (1+ years)

  • Certified Level 1 Circling Faciliator. S.A.S. training Amsterdam, Circling Europe (John Thompson & Sean Wilkinson), 2016-2017.

Nonviolent Communication (4+ years)

  • Mediation Course, Connecting2life (Yoram Mosenzon), 2015
  • Continuation Year course, Connecting2life (Yoram Mosenzon), 2014-2015
  • Year course Teaching and embodying NVC, Connecting2life (Yoram Mosenzon), 2013-2014
  • Intermediate Course, Connecting2life (Yoram Mosenzon), 2013
  • Intimate Relationships Workshop, Connecting2life (Yoram Mosenzon), 2013

Meditation (13+ years)

13+ years of experience in various traditions, including several silent retreats and courses.

Vipassana, Mindfulness-based Stress Reducation (MBSR), Shinzen Young (Unified Mindfulness), Concentration-meditation (Jhana), Culadasa (the Mind Illuminated), Thich Nhat Hanh (Wake Up), Pema Chödron, Loving-Kindness, Tonglen, and a little bit of Zen and Tibetan Buddhism.

Topics of interest

I enjoy learning, so I’ve studied various topics:

  • Mindfulness, Meditation (many, many authors)
  • Coaching (often based on presence or mindfulness)
  • Various forms of therapy (Hakomi, ACT, MBSR, Core Energetics)
  • Trauma work (Healing Developmental Trauma)
  • Theory U (Schwarmer)
  • Appreciative Inquiry (Various writers)
  • Action Inquiry (Torbert)
  • Nonviolent Communication (Rosenberg)
  • Deliberately Developmental Organizations (Kegan & Lahey)
  • Adult Development Psychology (Kegan, Cook-Greuter, Torbert, O’Fallon)
  • Integral Theory (Wilber)