Mark Marijnissen

I’m a coach and facilitator. I facilitate inner work for personal and organization development, drawing on awareness and relational practices.

I believe processes and results are just the tip of the iceberg - that is why I work with awareness and relations to create transformative change.

In groups, I create space for deep listening, reflection, insight, co-creation, empathy and collaboration. This often brings us in a state of collective flow, in which novel solutions emerge from our collective intelligence. I use this to build relationships, enable learning, deal with complexity, solve the hard problems and support transformative growth.

My work is based on meditation, circling, nonviolent communication, theory u, systemic thinking, developmental psychology, integral theory and more. Additionally, I have extensive experience in the field of technology as software developer, project leader, scrum master, lean facilitator and business strategist.

Work experience

  • 1+ year of organization development
  • 5+ years, 50+ workshops and 100+ individuals for personal growth
  • 7+ years of software development, project management and business strategy

Coach & Facilitator @ Mark Marijnissen Company (2017-now)
I have provided individual coaching and team coaching at Orikami. I’m currently facilitating Reflection Workshops and leading an effort to become a deliberately developmental organization.

Tech & Happiness Guru @ YouBeDo (2015-2016)
I have implemented Agile/Scrum and Lean Experiments. I’ve contributed to the transition to a Teal Organization. Furthermore, I worked as scrum master, product owner and software developer.

Life Coach @ Leven in Compassie (2013-now)
I have organized 50+ workshops and reached 100+ persons to increase presence, emotional intelligence and relationship skills. Starting with Nonviolent Communication, I now ground my work in Circling. See circlingnijmegen.nl and levenincompassie.nl.

Software Developer @ Made by Mark (2010-2017)
I’ve worked as independent software architect, software developer, project leader, scrum master, business strategist. Working alone, I have delivered full service from concept to implementation, deployment and support. Working in teams, I’ve worked in start-ups and SMBs. My clients range from musicians to goverment institutions and multinationals.


  • 5+ years and 60+ days of training in awareness and relational practices
  • 15+ years of experience in meditation
  • Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence

Theory U (2017)
u.lab 1x course with participation in a local hub (#Ulab024, led by Jonas Heffels)

Circling (2015-now)
3 years and 30+ days of live training with John Thompson and Sean Wilkinson (Circling Europe)

Nonviolent Communication (2013-2015)
3 years and 30+ days of live training with Yoram Mosenzon (Connecting2life)

  • Mediation Course (2015)
  • Continuation Year course (2014-2015, 2015-2016)
  • Year course Teaching and embodying NVC (2013-2014)
  • Intermediate Course (2013)
  • Intimate Relationships Workshop (2013)

University (2006-2011)
5 years of university education at Radboud University, Nijmegen.

Meditation / Mindfulness (2002-now)
15+ years of experience in various traditions, including several silent meditation retreats.

High School (2000-2006)
VWO (Cum Laude), Natuur en Gezondheid, Augustinianum, Eindhoven.

My personal life

I live together with my wife Aukje and son Jonas in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. I enjoy performing improv theatre, board games, indie computer games, yoga, meditating, circling, a party, bootcamp, Adventure Time and Rick and Morty.

Get in touch

E-mail me at info@markmarijnissen.com or schedule a call.

- Mark